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Welcome to This is Home blog!

Our 2 year-old daughter was born in California, moved to Chicago when she was 9 months old, and moved to Costa Rica a few days before she turned 2. She has spent much of her young life living in hotels.
So what does she call home? It is not tied to a place, but to people. Home is with Papa and Mama. For our family, is wherever we happen to be at this moment.
But is “home” as simple as that? Or is it about something deeper? Something more complex than where we are, or who we are with?
In searching for answers to these questions, I realized that there are many people who might share them.
This is Home blog is a journey to find answers to these questions. Because I believe that if you and I can clearly define what home means to us, we will be prepared to live a more fruitful life.
So here we are on this journey.
Let’s work through these questions together and discover together what home means to each of us, so we can thrive.
Papa Ben

Where are you from, Grace? [#1]

“Where are you from, Grace?” asked one of my wife’s co-workers of my daughter, the day before she turned two.

“Gracie Costa Rica!” she replied.

They all had a good laugh because we had only been in Costa Rica for 5 days, after moving from the United States.

My wife and I have discussed often how moving around might affect Grace. Is it too much for her? Stressful? Confusing?

Despite the challenges of relocating, Grace’s sense of home is grounded in being with Papa and Mama.

But this brief conversation raised a question in my mind. What does “home” really mean to our family?

And as I began to explore this question and search for answers, I realized that there are many others who are probably asking the same question. Or if they are not, maybe they should be. And maybe our family should have sought to answer this question years ago.

I believe that if you can define what home means to you, you and your family will be ready to thrive.

So pause for a moment and think about it now – what does home mean to you?

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Now here is a question. Your answer might change in the future and you will hopefully have a clearer idea as we go on the journey… but for now, comment below and answer this to get started:

“What does home mean to you, right now?”