Get out of my head

Have you ever been overwhelmed or stressed?

This past year I’ve spent too much time being unfocused and overwhelmed for no good reason.

Maybe too much time to think? Maybe it’s the heat of Central America? Maybe it was the time we spent isolated with the monkeys and iguanas?
I think the real reason I felt this way is that I spent too much time focused on our own family, and keeping our ship afloat, that I lost sight of the bigger picture and those around us.
Granada Islets Lake Nicaragua boat

The Granada Islets on Lake Nicaragua

But a few months ago I did something small that got me out of my own head (which was consumed with self-centered thoughts and overwhelmed).

I spent a morning helping fix up a house with other men volunteering with our church’s home improvement project.

For a local family, a volunteer team replaced most of her roof, replaced her floor, and some walls.

That one morning, only 3 or 4 hours, gave me an entirely new perspective on things.
On average the home improvement project repairs one home each month.
But in the past year, I only spent one morning helping.

Here is a project our church completed this month – Conchita’s home.

Click here to check out the video.

Conchita's House Hope Fellowship Costa Rica home improvement

click to watch the video

And yet… I did not help in any way.

Pretty pathetic, right?
I need to make it a habit of getting out there, out of my head, out of my comfort zone, to love our neighbors. That is one of our family’s values after all.
The home improvement project has already started work repairing another home.
So I will be getting out there and getting dirty in order to get out of my own head and love my neighbors.
Do you need to get out of your own head? Want to join me?
Comment below and let me know what you can do this week.
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Papa Ben Dambman

Ben has spent his life searching for the meaning of “home”, having lived in Nigeria, Philadelphia, Florida, California, Chicago, Australia and Costa Rica.
He believes that “home” (whether you are a globetrotter, have lived in the same house your entire life, or don’t even have a place to call home) is something more than a location… and that clearly defining what “home” means to you is essential for a thriving life.


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