Tell the story about that time when you lived out your mission or values [#4]

This a short story about the first time I remember living out any sort of “mission”.

After the story I’ll ask you to recall a time that you lived out your own mission or values.

We spent countless hours that year preparing for this trip, earning money that would pay for the building supplies necessary to repair hundreds of homes in a rural community that we were going to serve.

Finally, departure day arrived, and we were full of anticipation for the week to come.

About 15 of us loaded up into a few cars and drove south from Philadelphia to a high school in Bertie County, North Carolina, We were ready to work hard and sweat during the days, enjoy times together in the evenings, and sleep on the school floors at night.

I was about 17, and our church youth group was participating in its first of many future annual Group Workcamps.

When we got out of our cars at the high school, a local news reporter was there and asked to interview someone from our group. Being the soft-spoken, awkward person that I still am, I have no idea how I got picked. But the girl in our group who wanted to actually study broadcast journalism in college was in the bathroom, so I guess I was up.

I remember that moment like it just happened a few minutes ago.

“Why are you here?” asked the reporter.

I replied “We are here to show God’s love by working with local residents to repair their homes, because we want to serve others as Jesus did.”

It was a pretty short interview! And our mission was very simple. But I was so clear on it that the words just flowed out of my mouth and I had complete confidence in them, which was not typical for me.

That was the beginning of one of the best weeks of my life. How I wish every week was like that year – spent preparing and acting on that preparation by living out a mission.

What is your story – a time that you acted and lived out your mission?

Your story is probably very different from mine.

Maybe you found yourself suddenly or unexpectedly in a situation where you had to make a decision to act (or to not react) based on your values or beliefs. Maybe you chose to say no to something that was seemingly good, because it would have been a distraction from your true mission or something of greater importance.

Now that you have your story, here is the more important question:

Is your story the exception or the rule?

Was it easy to think of a story because you live every day fully in line with your beliefs, values, or mission?

Or if you are like me, was it actually hard to think of a story because you have not lived most of your life fully for your beliefs, values, or mission?

What is your mission? Do you know?

Of course I can’t answer that question for you. But I absolutely want to answer it for myself and my family, and to help you find your own answer, if you don’t know it yet.

That’s why very soon I’ll be sharing something that will help you find the answer, or at least start the process.

For now, comment below and tell your own story of when you lived out your mission!

After you comment, check out this fantastic free online Mission Statement Builder and get started on your mission statement now if you don’t already have one.

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