Llanos de Cortez Guanacaste Costa Rica

Don’t go that way!

My mother-in-law Bonnie was digging her nails into the dashboard and showing signs of a panic attack.

My wife Shannon was screaming from the back seat "Don't you dare drive through that! Turn around!"

My daughter Grace, well, I don't know what she was thinking but probably something like "Wow this is fun!"

As swimming frolickers in the creek moved aside, I ignored everyone in the car and plowed through it, praying that we didn't get swept downstream and right over the small waterfall to our left.

Llanos de Cortez Guanacaste Costa Rica

This was our destination: Llanos de Cortez waterfall near Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

We had never been there and I was relying on Waze to get us there.

When we were close and Waze told us we only had about 1 kilometer left to go, we came across this giant rock with the word "waterfall" and a giant arrow telling us to turn right:

Llanos de Cortez waterfall sign directions location

I probably should have followed that arrow

To the right was an entry gate and women that were collecting money.

But Waze was telling me to continue straight and make a right a little further on.

Convinced that Waze was right and everyone else was wrong - including the giant rock sign, the women collecting money (which turned out to be donations for a local school), and my wife and mother-in-law; I defiantly drove straight past the entry and found ourselves facing a creek.

I continued to defy everyone else's advice and drove straight through the creek.

Eventually we came to a dead end, and I had no other choice but to admit that I (and Waze) was wrong.

We backtracked over a bridge that crossed back over the creek (which I had ignored when we drove straight through the water), followed the giant rock sign, made a donation to the school, and found the waterfall.

Llanos de Cortez waterfall school donation entrance location

Here is the waterfall entrance that I ignored the first time we passed it

Sometimes you just have to trust the advice of others.

Were you ever so convinced that you were right that you completely ignored wise advice and directions that others who loved you were giving you?

I've done that too many times to count.

Sometimes we are right, but if someone we love and trust is telling us that we're doing the wrong thing or going the wrong direction, we should probably at least pause to think "Hey, maybe I'm wrong about this thing".

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