Were you ready for the bombardment? [#2]

Did you play the game “bombardment” when you were a kid? It was a great game, wasn’t it? One of my favorites.

A group of kids would split into two teams, then begin the madness of throwing big bouncy balls as hard as they possibly could at each other. I don’t even know if this game is allowed in school anymore.


Did anyone else feel like they played bombardment all weekend?

I was exhausted by the non-stop assault of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and offers, the “buy this because you need it and it’s the best deal you will ever get and you’re simply a fool if you don’t buy it” messages, and to be completely honest, even the many requests from Giving Tuesday. Even here in Costa Rica the hardware and other stores had Black Friday sales and I received about a thousand emails telling me all of the things I needed to buy before midnight.

Who wants to go through that again next year? Not me.

Do you even remember that Thanksgiving was 6 days ago?

If you’re like me, and don’t want to be unprepared for the bombardment that is guaranteed to come again next year, let’s do this instead

Let’s take time now to define what we value, so that when next year rolls around, we are prepared. By defining what you value, you will have a crystal clear easy-to-use filter through which to evaluate every offer, email, deal and pitch that fights for your attention and dollars.

For a better post-Thanksgiving weekend in 2017, make this promise to yourself, right now:

“I will take time now to define what I value, so that next year I don’t waste money on or time thinking about things that aren’t important”.

One of the things that my family values is loving our neighbors. We had opportunities to act on this value after Hurricane Otto that hit Costa Rica & Nicaragua on Thanksgiving night. But without a disaster like that, it would have been easy to get completely lost in the sales and deals of the weekend. By taking time now to clarify this and other values, we will be even better prepared for 2017 and beyond.

Let’s make Thanksgiving and the following Black Friday & Cyber Monday experience next year about acting on our values, instead of what others tell us should be important to us.

Start preparing now by doing this today: write down something you value. In future posts, you’ll get ideas for taking this further.

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Papa Ben Dambman

Ben has spent his life searching for the meaning of "home", having lived in Nigeria, Philadelphia, Florida, California, Chicago, Australia and Costa Rica. He believes that "home" (whether you are a globetrotter, have lived in the same house your entire life, or don't even have a place to call home) is something more than a location... and that clearly defining what "home" means to you is essential for a thriving life.


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