What’s stopping you? [#3]

I used to ride a pedicab. A pedicab is basically a giant tricycle that carries full grown people on the back.

The first pedicab I worked with was named “Big Daddy”, which had seating for 4 people but I carried up to 9 people on it. Other than the ability to carry all of those people, my favorite feature of this giant tricycle was a little “brake lock” button next to the brake lever.

When I parked Big Daddy to drop off or pick up a customer or refill my water bottle, I just pushed the little button which would keep the brake on, so that my pedicab stayed still and didn’t roll away and over some innocent bystander.

Now imagine this…

You are Big Daddy’s driver and sweating it out all day and night, hauling people all over town. And for some reason, this shift is the hardest one you can remember. You feel like you’re hauling a trailer over-loaded with bricks, and all your tires are flat.

Why is this shift so much harder than others? You struggle to haul passengersdownhill. Arrrrgggghhh!!!

You drop some people off and rest your head on your handlebars. Out of the corner of your eye you see that little button on the brake lever is pushed in!

Instead of flying around all night entertaining people and getting them where they want to go and thriving, you’ve been fighting just to survive because you had the brake locked.

Let’s pause to re-cap the questions we’ve answered so far on this journey:

  1. What does “home” mean to you, right now?
  2. What is one problem or challenge you face in finding what home means to you?
  3. What do you value?

Today let’s think about this:

What is your “brake lock”?

What is one thing that is holding you back from living out your values, and thriving?

I know I have “brake locks” that are stopping me from living out values that I would claim I have, or from seeking things that I claim are valuable to me. If I never even realize that I have those brake locks, I’ll never be able to go after what I value.

So today I will take time to list things that are brake locks for me, and I invite you to join me.

Don’t think too long about the question – just write down at least one thing that’s holding you back. Whatever it is will probably pop right into your head. We’ll have time to dig deeper later.

Comment below with one thing that’s holding you back.

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Papa Ben Dambman

Ben has spent his life searching for the meaning of "home", having lived in Nigeria, Philadelphia, Florida, California, Chicago, Australia and Costa Rica. He believes that "home" (whether you are a globetrotter, have lived in the same house your entire life, or don't even have a place to call home) is something more than a location... and that clearly defining what "home" means to you is essential for a thriving life.


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